There’s nothing a girl can’t do. When a young woman’s needs of health and security are met, and she is equipped with the skills and insights to transcend circumstances, she gains the opportunity to realize her fullest potential.

This is the mission of the Girls Education Collaborative. The transformative power of education enables young women in developing nations to become catalysts for change in their communities. We accomplish this by forging local and global partnerships to complete projects centered around an integrated approach to educating girls and young women, opening a whole world of possibilities for their futures. Please explore this site to discover more about what the Collaborative is doing and how you can become a part of it.

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  • Just back from Kitenga… It’s a quiet, rainy, Sunday morning – just the welcoming setting I awaited before jotting down some reflections from my recent Kitenga visit.  Trip #22? 23? 24? Somewhere along the line I lost count but have come to realize that in reality, Kitenga Tanzania has become my “2nd Home”. And as it has happened with each ... Read More

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